Address: 15 May Street, St Peters

In the shadows of the chimneys of the Old Bedford Brickworks in Sydney Park, there has been an independent brewery making craft beer for many years.  Maybe you have tried beer we have made without knowing ?

An unintentional secret to all but our local community and local brewers, the time has come for us to capitalise on many years of developing great craft beers - we've launched our own brand and opened our taproom.

From crafted true to style beers to some more surprising flavours and styles, our beers reflects the diversity of where we live and work.

To local residents, we’re your local bar for a refreshing weekday brew.   Being only 120m from St Peters Station, we're the perfect start for your weekend exploration of Inner West craft breweries.

Brickworks Brewing, which was established in March 2020, is located near St. Peter’s Station in the Inner West of Sydney, the premises have been used for making craft beer since 2001. Tapping into our vast experience of brewing and creating new products for the discerning beer drinker under our own label is now the focus of our enterprise.

In recent years the craft beer industry has really burst into life in Australia and is currently one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy, with an expected growth of 9.6% in 2022, reaching over $500 billion dollars production of craft beers by the end of the year. Research indicates that this trend has been driven by a rising consumer preference for flavoured beers rather than the more generic lager style beers that have dominated the market for so long.

So, at Brickworks Brewing, a long-standing craft beer brewery in Sydney, we have a variety of flavoured beers ranging from the highly popular traditional IPAs and stouts, to some that may surprise you – unless you expect the flavours of blueberries or mango in your beer! The selection of beers we have available changes constantly, even though we do keep brewing our favourites, and with a variety of strengths that ranges from 3.4% to 8.4% ABV, we are sure to have something that appeals to your palate and taste.

Our new tap room is a wholly inclusive venue, where individuals, couple or groups will all feel at home and will find it to be the ideal place to relax whilst enjoying a beer, or maybe our Crisp Apple Cider. We do suggest that groups, especially, book their visit, to ensure that your seats are saved, but we are more than happy to accept walk ins to our pet and child friendly tap room. And to many afficionados, the area in which we are located, Inner West, is considered to be the craft beer capital of the country. Our modern, stylish and welcoming venue is sure to become one of the best and most visited craft beer bars in Sydney.

Currently our tap room is inly open from Thursday to Sunday, but a good number of our beers are available in bottles or cans as well as on tap – and what’s more if you can’t make it to us while we are open, you can buy from our selection of craft beers through our online shop. Ordering some of Australian craft beer online couldn’t be easier - we have 375ml cans available as singles, 4 packs or by the case of 24 – with considerable savings if you buy by the case! And should you like to support our brand we have a range of merchandise available online too.

When you want to buy craft beer in Sydney, you may feel that you are spoilt for choice, but we believe that when you have sampled the delights on offer from Brickworks Brewing, we will be your automatic first choice!